On a brisk November day, after a two-hour selection gala, Marlies Dumbsky, the 22-year-old winemaker from Volkach, rose victorious and placed the tiara upon her head as she was deemed the 60th German Wine Queen.  And now, her world tour begins…

For one night only, we at Terroir wine bar found ourselves in the blessed position to welcome this year’s German Wine Queen on her official visit to New York City.  Looking to send her on her way with fond memories of our fair city and our wee wine chapel in the East Village, we attacked our mailing list with the facts about our beloved and pleas to greet her in style.  And show up they did.  By the time Marlies…pardon me, Queen Marlies, walked up to the front door, the place was packed with revelers–some wishing to see what the hype was about, others wishing to be swept up into her glass carriage and hauled off to the steep vineyards of the Mosel to live among the Riesling fairies (hell, I know which camp I was in.  Do I look best in silk or velvet?).

She poured white wines from her home region of Franken (a Riesling and a killer Schaurabe that bit back with an acid zip) with grace and the studied ease of a geisha.  She had obviously done this before…making appearances at wine shops large and small or tiny nooks and crannies stuffed with vinophiles across the globe.

“How many stops for you in the next year?”, I asked.  “300”, she replied.  Gulp.  I was dumbfounded.  That’s a shitload of Scheurebe to pour and a frighteningly unimaginable amount of smiles to paste on, I thought.  Wow.  How could you do that night after night?  But she did it.  And did it with class.  Through and through.  And did I mention she likes motorcycles?  Old ones.

And then, just like that, after appearing like an ephemeral vapor of honeysuckle on a misty walk through the heather, she was off.  Off to Japan in the morning.  Good night, my fair Queen.  And God speed.


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