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Grapes and Grains is a Winner!

Look ma, I won me an award!  And its drinkable! I’m stoked to announce that my piece entitled “Portugal: the Land that Time Forgot” has been selected as a second place winner for the European Wine Blogger’s Conference awards.  Looks like my time traipsing through the streets of Europe with a backpack on finally paid […]

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Ask an Insider: The Birth of the Microbrew

Ask an Insider is an interview series that talks to the people that make, serve, shake, sip, pump, pour, crush, distill, and bring life to this industry.  (For other interviews in the series, click the Ask an Insider tag at the bottom) There are many professions that kids consider downright uncool.  “What’s your dad do?  […]

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Portugal: the Land that Time Forgot

From the moment my foot hit the tarmac upon debarking from the plane, I knew I was in a different world.  The warm Portuguese sun hit me square in the face and I had one of those palpable moments in life that you never forget.  I literally felt the sands of time slow down, forcing […]

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