Like any good Irishman, I gave homage to the beer on St Patrick’s Day (and, like any good Irishman, it didn’t involve green food coloring).  But unlike a good Irishman, it didn’t involve Stout or the hailing of the all-powerful Guinness.  It involved Bavaria.  And for posterity sake, i decided to film the event.  Little did I know at the time, but my fair wife would have other plans for the final video…

While completely inappropriate timing for St Patrick’s Day, I dove in to taste five Bavarian beers in an attempt to source a couple of new ones for my lists at Hearth and Terroir.

Pretty much a world away from the styles and customs of Irish beer, Bavaria is in a world of its own.  The largest state in Germany, Bavaria lies in the Southwest of Germany, and calls the beer-soaked steets of Munich its capital.

The following were the beers:

  • Reutberger Export Dunkel
  • Reutberger Helles Bock
  • Schonramer Festbier
  • Hopf Helle Weiss
  • Hopf Weiser Bock


The nuns of the Reutberg Cloister have been brewing beer from their own recipes, and according to the guidelines set forth by the Reinheitsgebot German purity law, since 1677. They brew approximately 7000 liters a day.  (That’s right, kids, brewed by nuns.  Gotta love it.  I want to see these ladies go head to head against the famous monks of Belgium).


Founded in 1892 by the great grandfather of the current owner, Hans Hopf. It was his great grandfather, a chemist, who discovered the strain of yeast that is still used in their beers to this day. They produce approximately 500,000 bottles anually.  Hopf has won the last 2 German Agricultural Society Awards for best brewery in Germany, an award given once every 10 years.  (Pretty cool stuff to be brewing with great-grandfather’s yeast…)


Located in the village of Schonramer, about 15 kilometers northwest of Salzburg. Eric Toft is the brewmaster. He was born and raised in Wyoming, but has lived and worked in Germany for the last 25 years. All Schonramer beers use a single barley variety called Barke, and use only aroma hop varieties.  (As my former neighbor from out west, Eric, I formally invite you to join me on a horseback trek through Yellowstone National Park; but you have to bring the beer).

An incredible array of artisan, hand-crafted beers, they are all available from Uplifters Spirits.  Check them out.

As initially mentioned, what started out as an attempt to document my tasting notes, became something quite different in the end.  The lesson learned?  Be careful letting your wife edit the footage on her own.  She may just try to play you out…


14 Responses to “(Mocking) My St. Patty’s Bavarian Beer Tasting”

  1. This is what video art was invented for. Eat SD cards, Nam June Paik!

  2. @HeroBags says:

    Funny. great one liners.

  3. David (pampdog) Palmer says:

    I absolutely loved this video. You two are awesome, I swear. Good production Katherine! The analysis is classic, and I now find myself strangely wanting to drink beer that tastes like semi-moldy hay, with a hint of manure and hoof barley. Ah, it feels like I’m hangin’ in your apartment with ya. One of your number one fans. Keep ’em coming!

  4. Much thanks, all. Glad to see that the mockery of my incredibly astute tasting notes is being supported! It did taste like hay being pulverized by metal…I can prove it!

  5. Shayna B says:

    I love this video. Way to go Flahertys!!

  6. Jocelyn says:

    This made me laugh so much! Great video guys. Made me want to go find those nuns…

  7. David says:

    Alas – mine ‘heart, too, was ‘a broken. But dere will be more ta come soon, I am hopin’.


  8. Thank you Shayna, Jocelyn and David. Maybe we should all plan a field trip to visit the nuns of Reutberger? And, maybe, just maybe, they’ll understand that my descriptors are perfectly spot-on.

  9. Josie says:

    Yet again and Grapes and Grains video threatened a pants pissing. Excellent work Flats and Kitty! I love these videos!

  10. Joseph "Rasputin" Conner says:

    Rah Rah Flaherty, NY’s greatest beer machine… Yo! I love it!…You both should get a TV show… Your sensitive pallate and sophisticated critique could take you around the world. Have you heard from the nuns yet?

  11. Josie, I have no higher aspirations in life than continuing to bring you nearer and nearer to the brink of pants-pissing…and you know what? One day, my friend, one day I will achieve the summit.

    Joe–you are the OG Rasputin. The inspirer of all! No word from the nuns yet…i hear they’re still using dial-up so the video is probably still loading now.

  12. Joe F. says:

    A palate such as this could have only been spawned by the consumption of vast quantities of Halupkies and Veal Birds in the formative years. Well done!

  13. Kina Bermudez says:

    Love it. A true collaboration. That monk burned you.. may I suggest a strainer for the next time?

  14. Kina, thanks for the suggestion. Gotta look out for those sneaky monks. I recommend a high-quality, micron-filter when drinking any beer from a monestary.

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