After countless months of planning, dreaming and scheaming, the doors have opened at Terroir | Tribeca.  She’s a stunning belle of the highest caliber.  And she’s gonna take NYC by force.  A force built on passion, irreverence and a commitment to bone-numbingly high standards.

The beer list is my baby.  A collection of my international favorites from around the globe, representing as many of the craft beer havens and local producers as possible.  We ain’t Rattle ‘N’ Hum with its staggering 23 casks, 40 taps and over 100 bottles.  We’re the little engine that could, damnit, and we’ll show you a world of heightened hospitality and a haven of the finest food and drink that will make your head spin with delight and your knickers drop to the floor.

Ladies and gentleman, I’m proud to announce the opening beer list at Terroir | Tribeca:

Grab a seat and let us pour you a glass.

Here’s where you can find us:  MAP.

And if you’ve got any favorite beers you’d like to see on the list, leave me a comment below!

Mrs Katherine Bryant Flaherty & Mrs Katie Grieco at the 2009 James Beard Awards


9 Responses to “Terroir | Tribeca Beer List Unveiled”

  1. Joe F. says:

    I love that you have Riesling on tap! Has that been done before? I have never seen that. The beer list looks tight too, but throw a bone to a brother and put at least one Washington brew on there!

  2. Joe, Washington brews will never be represented on my list! They’re a joke!
    Kidding! (Lower the slingshots, fair Washingtonians). In fact, I spent days in Seattle eagerly snarfing up your brews, and in “schooners”, no less. Check out my write-up on the Seattle hunt for Pliny the Elder:

    I’m a big fan of Elysian, but sadly I don’t of any other WA beers available in NYC. Anyone else know?

  3. And Joe, Riesling on tap is truly a divine connection between our mortal selves and the heavens.

    Right now, we are one of three pouring in the city (the others are DBGB and Dinosaur BBQ). We get it through the Gotham Project Riesling run by the awesome Bruce Schneider and Charles Bieler.

    To see the unedited, 8-minute, tension-filled, behind-the-scenes look at the first pour from our taps, click here:

  4. D-Rod says:

    As a wine-obsessed person I might find it difficult to make it over to the brew list at Terroir, but I love a good brew as well.

    The entire Ommegang Brewery collection is worth a look. In particular the super-versatile Rare Vos and Hennepin. For those in favor of heavier Abbeys, the Abbey Ale is delightful.

    Another obvious choice would be the Dogfish Head 90min IPA. Just a classic and right in all kinds of ways.

  5. D-Rod, for a wine-obsessed person, your palate is dead on for the beers you recommend. I’m a huge fan of Dogfish and Ommegang and am rocking the Hennepin at Terroir EVil at the moment and had the Abbey Ale at both Hearth and Terroir in the winter months.

    Will definitely get some of Sam Calagione’s wackier creations from Dogfish on the list soon! The 90-minute has been voted as one of the Homebrewer’s Association’s top 3 beers of the year for the last few years running.

    Thanks for writing in!

  6. Samantha Tonini says:

    Second that vote for 90min. 120min also delicious, but for my money the 90 has it. But anything Calagione does is generally awesome. Major exception: festina peche. Don’t know what happened there.

    Recent faves have been Goose Island’s specialty brews. Friar Jacques (personal favorite, but amittedly I am an abbeyhead), Juliet, Matilda, Sophia, Burbon County Stout (a real smack in the pants). Jacques and Sophia top that list, for me.

  7. Rock on, Samantha, Goose Island is doing some killer brewing with their specialty Belgian line. I’ve got the Pere Jacques in bottle at Hearth and Terroir EVil at the moment. Doing the Sofie for the summer could be a cool seasonal choice. Love me some Saisson…

    Hilarious about the festina peche…I’ve heard people on both sides of it. Haven’t tried myself. I’m a peach at heart, though.

  8. radish says:

    this is so exciting to see you guys expand — i’m so thrilled. i’ve been waxing poetic about terroir in the east village and it’s nice that you now have a west side location (which is so much easier for me to get to). my liver thanks you! :) and the beer list looks fantastic – can’t wait to try!!

  9. Much thanks for all the support, Sassy. There’s no reason to make your liver work for its grape juice!

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