Photo courtesy of the El Dorado Cocktail Lounge

Fizzle my schnizzle!  Flip my Rick!  Sling my ding!  The Manhattan Cocktail Classic comes to town, kids!

No more Jager shots!

Thats right, fans of the coupe glass.  New York’s first ever multi-day event celebrating the lore, the craft and the rich history of the cocktail kicks off tonight.   Five wondrous days of booze exploration, appreciation and fascination is upon us .

And just like the Burning Man Fesival culminates in a massive Pagan ritual where a multi-storied sculpture of straw is lit on fire, we will use flamethrowers to melt the largest Jagermeister ice luge ever created in defiance of artificial products and mediocrity in our libations.

Tonight, at The New York Public Library, the Gala kicks off at 9:00 pm.  (My guess is not only will there be incredible concoctions to sip, but a Guinness World Record will be set for the “Most handlebar moustaches, vests and plaid pants found under one roof since 1896”).

"Mmm...that touch of lavender syrup is just divine"

An unbelievable amount of knowlege and skill has been assembled and you’ll have front-row access to learn from the industry’s best and brightest.  A full schedule of nearly 70 events (!) can be found here:  Manhattan Cocktail Classic Info

So, get out your ice chippers, your homemade bitters and vermouths, and take a horse-and-buggy down to join the fun.  You don’t want to miss this, Gubna.


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