"D-Bag with Crystal Beer Mug" (photo by Kat Bryant)

Well, hip to the hop to the hippity hop.  Looks like I got me a wee bit of press last week.

Maggie Hoffman, of Serious Eats, interviewed me about my job and, among other things, my thoughts on beer lists in restaurants.  (Mom will be proud to hear her son raving about craft beer, walking through raw sewage in the bowels of NYC and finding teenagers shooting up in the bathroom).

Read the article by clicking here: Serious Eats: “A Pint With: David Flaherty, Terroir/Hearth”

In other news, Grapes & Grains surpassed 3,000 subscribers this weekend and I’m ecstatic.  Let’s look at some more stats…

In doing a quick house-cleaning for the summer, I found these were my Top 5 most popular pieces for the month of May (click to read):

  1. Absinthe: the Green Fairy
  2. David & Goliath: Rock Art Brewery vs Monster
  3. Hops: the Heart of Beer
  4. Ask an Insider: the Fall of Australia the Great?
  5. NYC Cocktail Joints and Speakeasies

And while scrolling through, I discovered that Grapes & Grains is read in over 100 countries.  I wonder what they think of craft beer and artisan cocktails in Iran?

These were the Top 5 countries last month:

  1. United States
  2. The Russian Federation
  3. Canada
  4. Great Britain
  5. Australia

(And on a cool note, Ireland was #6.  My great great grandfather, James Ignatius O’Flaherty would be proud as I’m sure he appreciated a well-poured pint in his day.  That being said, get your ass in gear, Ireland.  I mean only sixth?  Come on, focus!)

There is a lot more in the works for the coming months, including more videos, more libations and more mayhem.

Thanks to all my readers out there; you’re the tannins that grip my wine, the foam that tops my beer and the bitters that balance my drinks.

And as always, I love to hear from you.  Keep those comments coming and keep drinking the good juice.

(Warning: overconsumption of macro-brewed beer will lead to unhealthy love of fuschia shirts)


9 Responses to “Serious Eats and Serious Stats”

  1. Get you some stats & walk a day in my shoes. (Careful, they're size 13-you're bound to break an ankle). Read my latest: http://bit.ly/a6YFLs

  2. Wine Lover says:

    Serious Eats and Serious Stats: Well, hip to the hop to the hippity hop.  Looks like I got me a wee bit of press l… http://bit.ly/bqLCuO

  3. T says:

    I’m going to do my part to get those #’s up for Great Britian! Well done ol’ chap!

  4. radish says:

    Isn’t maggie lovely?? Fantastic interview – I’m, of course, like a week late to the party. What happens when work stops being polite and starts getting real! :)

  5. sassyradish says:

    @maggiejane omg you interviewed @grapesandgrains !! Lovely just lovely http://bit.ly/a2eUoU — so glad you guys know one another!!

  6. Katherine (The Misses) says:

    More like “Serious Stats!” Congrats on all your fans, DF. I kind of like you too. And I’d like to thank Grapes & Grains for requiring all that time drinking…um, I mean, researching.

  7. Ha, nice, thanks Radish and The Missus!

  8. Patrick says:

    …c’mon Ireland…you should be in first place!

    Patrick McGreal

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