Beer on my brain (photo by Daniel Krieger)

I was flattered yesterday to receive a wee bit of press on for all my beer geeking & drinking.  Aren’t you proud of me, Mom?

Here’s a link to the piece by Greg Morabito which details my current sudsy work at Hearth Restaurant and the two Terroir wine bars“Hearth’s Resident Beer Geek, David Flaherty.”

It got me thinking…with three separate beer programs at three separate locations running at once, maybe I should take a moment to take stock.  I’ve become my frickin’ childhood self again, but instead of collecting M.U.S.C.L.E men or baseball cards, I’m stockpiling beer like ‘Prohibition II’ is just around the corner.

The beers change constantly, and certainly with the seasons, with newbies making appearances as much as possible.  I guess it would be easier to just lock it down and re-order each time, but that’s as painfully boring to me as watching the Jersey Shore.

So far all you fellow beer geeks out there, I’ve posted the pages from our respective beer lists, and here’s a brief sum up of dorky facts that make my pulse quicken like when I scored the 1989 Upper Deck Ken Griffey Jr. rookie card:

  • Total beer selections (3 locations):  82
  • Beer selections at Hearth: 26
  • Beer selections at Terroir EVil:  24
  • Beer selections at Terroir Tribeca:  32 (25 bottled, 7 draft)
  • International:  32
  • West Coast/Colorado/Mid-West:  26
  • East Coast (not including New York):  10
  • New York:  14

Here’s a closer look at the lists (just click on the jpg’s to enlarge them)

*Warning: looking this over without a pint in hand may lead to rash & fever

Terroir East Village


Terroir Tribeca Draft

Terroir Tribeca Bottled

The moral?  I’ve got a sickness.  And I need your help to feed me the medicine.  Come on down to the East Vilage and Tribeca.  Let’s share a pint.


9 Responses to “Swimming in Beer at Hearth and Terroir”

  1. BoozeMonkey says:

    Swimming in Beer at Hearth and Terroir: I was flattered yesterday to receive a wee bit of press on … #wine

  2. Parley Peck says:

    Swimming in Beer at Hearth and Terroir | Grapes and Grains

  3. Joe F. says:

    That’s an awesome list! I’m just glad we don’t have to pay New York prices here in Seattle. That said, I’d pay NY prices to get my hands on some Brooklyn Brewery Local 1!

  4. Joe, because of the years of abuse I’ve inflicted on you as a younger brother, you will always drink for free when you are in NYC. I have an arrangement with every bar owner in the city.

    Also, Garrett Oliver has graciously agreed to personally deliver a bottle of Local 1 to you upon your arrival and to serve it in a golden chalace.

  5. Dork alert: I take a geeky look at the beer lists at Hearth & @TerroirNY. Read my latest (with beer in hand of course):

  6. dan says:

    Great list.. will have to check out the restaurant(s)… where is the love for Avery though? Some great stuff out of CO…

  7. Dan, couldn’t agree more. Trust me, I’m a Colorado lad who can’t get enough of the fine mountain brews. Raised on O’Dells and New Belgium. I opened Terroir Tribeca with the Avery White Rascal and the Ellie’s Brown and Old Jubilation are coming down the pipe over the next few months.

  8. Banks Beer says:

    Swimming in Beer at Hearth and Terroir

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