While walking around the farmhouse brewery built by Sidy Hannsen’s grandfather, I stumbled upon this pile of half-labelled Geuze.

Hannsen’s Artisanaal has two employees: John and Sidy Hanssen.  These bottles are hand-labelled, the beer is hand-bottled and hand-made.  A lot of hands have been all over this place.  By the looks of it, a machine hasn’t ever been introduced to this place.

That’s the kind of beer I dream of, the kind of beer I defend whole-heartedly and the kind of beer producers you should be supporting.  Now, go forth into your weekend and drink the good juice. That’s my Friday soapbox.


3 Responses to “Beer Beauty Shot: Hanssens Oude Gueze”

  1. David Palmer says:

    I, sir, shall heed your charge, as I sally forth into the world of Fort Collins micro-breweries and imbibe their non-corporate libations and drink to your good name. Cheerio.

  2. michele says:

    that's money (& I plan on drinking lots of the good stuff) RT @grapesandgrains: Beer Beauty Shot: Hanssens Oude Gueze

  3. ROCK RT @ilovemesomefood: that's money RT @grapesandgrains: Beer Beauty Shot: Hanssens Oude Gueze

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