Into Brooklyn we went a couple of nights ago in search of some sick jazz and some sick brews.  We found both. 

First hitting up the microbrew haven, Mission Dolores, we came across one of the more interesting beer styles out there:  Gose (this particular one was Gosilla from NY’s own, Barrier Brewing Company in Oceanside).  An old style originating in Leipzig, Germany, its an unfiltered wheat beer made from 50%-60% malted wheat, giving it a hazy color and a whallop of crispness…but the best part?  They add salt and coriander.  Low in alcohol (the Gosilla is 3.8%) and zippy in its tang, they are frankly delicious.  (I must credit Chris Lehault of IDrunkThat, who first introduced me to the style a couple of years ago). 

After that, we were on to an unnamed club where Jon Lundbom and the Big Five Chord were shredding up some serious riffs.  Jon is an importer for B. United International and possibly one of the geekiest of the geekiest beer geeks I know.  He’s back and forth between NYC and Belgium, Germany and Austria so much that its become a morning commute to him.  Little did I know, he also does some virtuosic stylings on the guitar.  The Big Five Chord has been described as “punk jazz” (whatever that means) and are known to unleash Merle Haggard tunes that are just too cool for school.

At said unnamed club, the owner gave a nod to Philly in his beer fridge, by offering up some selections from Philadelphia Brewing Company (the Newbold IPA is pictured).  Since these are not distributed here, my guess is they were lovingly carted across state lines in the trunk of his car.  And for that little bit of illicitness, we thank you.


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    Punk Jazz, Gose and Illicit Microbrew: Into Brooklyn we went a couple of nights ago in search of some sick jazz …

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    Mission Delores ♥! RT @grapesandgrains: NEW POST: "Punk Jazz, Gose and Illicit Microbrew".

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