“I tell ya, that’s a heck of a lot of suds for a wine bar!”

Mitt keeps asking me, “Flaherty, when are you going to post your beer lists so I can see what you’ve been up to?”

I keep telling him, “Mitt, you need to focus.  You’re coming across like a major stiff to the American people.”  “I am?,” he asks.  “Damn right, buddy.  Look, the Mitt I know is the fun-loving carefree guy I met in Turks & Caicos when we set up our off-shore tax havens.  Ahhh…remember that trip?  We dined on fresh conch paired with crisp, cold Fritz Briem Grodziskie on your yacht?  I’ll never forget our long talks into the wee hours of the morning about our lazy countrymen milking on Lady Liberty’s teet while we work our asses off.”

And now look at him, people.  At last night’s first debate, Mitt come out swinging!  (But, you better not get too high up on that horse, Mittens, because Barack will take a couple of socks on the chin, go home, regroup a bit, and then hit you with a tire iron across the kisser when you least expect it).

So, Mitt, this posting of the six different beer lists at Hearth & Terroir is for you, you sly devil. (**NOTE: to view all six lists, click on “Continue Reading” below).  Oh, and a shout out has to go to Steven Solomon, the madman who designed these graphics.  (Click on each image below to enlarge the page).

 Hearth & Terroir EVil

Terroir | Tribeca
(list curated in collaboration with Jessie Kiefer)

Terroir High Line

Terroir {Murray Hill}



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  1. Wine Lover says:

    State of the Beer Union at Hearth & Terroir: Mitt keeps asking me, “Flaherty, when are you going to post your be… http://t.co/qZTT7F76

  2. Mitt keeps asking me to post my Hearth & @TerroirNY #beer lists. Feast your eyes on this from all SIX of our joints: http://t.co/BhMZ7XMg

  3. terroirNY says:

    BEER. READ. via/created by @grapesandgrains: ALL Hearth & @TerroirNY #beer lists. Feast yr eyes all SIX of our joints: http://t.co/Gwk3XABj

  4. Jenna North says:

    State of the Beer Union at Hearth & @TerroirNY http://t.co/m8m7JblU via @grapesandgrains #NYC #beer #FF

  5. State of the Beer Union at Hearth & Terroir http://t.co/Io2vTD8m

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