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And poof!  Just like that, Cider Week 2013 has come to a close.  While not really a “week,” per se, but instead ten days, Cider Week has descended on New York City for the past three years.  And with each successive year, it gets bigger and richer, with more than 200 bars and restaurants participating this year.  The apple rules the end of October on the streets of Gotham, and one can’t stumble more than a city block without bumping into a cider dinner, a flight of farmstead offerings, or a producer that’s been airlifted from her orchard a world away, and deposited in the heart of the urban jungle.

It was a damn busy one for me this year, and as the dust is still settling, I’m more in awe of what these producers sacrifice to pursue this, America’s greatest beverage, than ever before.  It was a great exchange of information, a great rallying cry for the farmstead cause, and a great celebration of their hard work.  I am thankful to have been involved in a slew of projects, and to have deepened my burgeoning knowledge and passion for the fermented juice of apples.

A quick round-up of my happenings this year revolving around the fine world of farmstead cider:


Hearth & Terroir Cider Week 2013 List (click to enlarge)

Ciders 10.17.13--CIDER WEEK


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