By far the most interesting thing I’ve tasted this week. Dry Mead aged in S. African wine barrels. 12% abv.


The aftermath of last night’s journey to create a cheese and cider pairing guide for NY Cider Week with Elizabeth Chubbuck (Murray’s Cheese) and Sabine Hrechdakian at Terroir TriBeCa.




Nova Scotia bound. In less than 12 hours, I’ll be at sea in the North Atlantic on the hunt for swordfish. Lord, have mercy.


Gone Fishin’

Super stoked to be flying to Nova Scotia next week to cover a harpoon swordfishing trip for Edible Manhattan with one of the founders of FreshDirect. #highseasvomit



Sand in Your Can

Mid-week vacation day with the lady at Long Beach. And the really good news? My bikini still fits.



Well, funny enough, I had two separate articles come out in the course of a week…despite the fact they were written nearly six months apart (see the Edible Queens one below).

Getting to know the guys of The Bronx Brewery a bit better, and having the opportunity to tell their story, was an awesome gift.  A big thank you to my editors at Edible Manhattan, Amy Zavatto and Gabrielle Langholtz, who were incredibly instrumental in helping me take this piece to a higher level.

Now get out there and drink some beer, people.  It’s Saturday, for God’s sake.

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I’m super stoked to finally see this piece in print.  After living in Astoria for over a decade, it was nothing short of an honor to get to dig deeper into my borough, and attempt to shine a spotlight on the bar owners and brewers who carry the beer torch.

Big thanks to Alia Akkam and Jay Soysal of Edible Queens for the opportunity to tell the story of beer in Queens.

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Edible Queens_Page_2

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Huge thanks to Dorothy Robinson of the Metro NY who interviewed me about beer gifts for that special Dad in your life.  And even while changing a diaper!  I’m not joking.  Oh, and feeding my son dozens of black beans to keep him engaged.  He’ll do anything for black beans.

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Father's Day Beers--Metro

And to you, Dad, Happy Father’s Day!


A Beer a Day…

Teaching a beer class to 50 NYU Med students today. My goal: convert the world to craft beer one doctor at a time.


The scribble of a mad man


Yep, that’s a shite ton of beers from NY.




Last weekend, the 2013 Manhattan Cocktail Classic roared into town like a well-dressed, well-fueled, steam train. Second in scope only to Tales of the Cocktail (held every year in New Orleans), it is New York’s stamp on the spirits world. Now in its third year, the MCC kicked off the four-day festivities by holding its Gala at the New York Public Library (yes, Ghostbusters fans, that library. And yes, at night).

But this year, the Gala was ratcheted up to a new level of greatness by the addition of one aspect: the NY Spirits Room. For the first time, amongst what is an inevitable crush of huge liquor brands, the state of NY paid for a room to feature 24 established, as well as newly launched, New York craft distillers. To read more, check out my piece for The New York Cork Report: “New York Spirits Steal the Show at the 2013 Manhattan Cocktail Classic Gala.”

Below are some pics I took from the gala. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to document the Library Ghost floating amongst the stacks…but don’t you doubt, she’s there…


Cocktail experiments for the Manhattan Cocktail Classic at Hearth.




Gutturnio frizzante, Lusenti, 2011. It’s a red. And it’s bubbly.



Bourgogne Passetoutgrain (Pinot Noir, Gamay), Colinot, 2009, Burgundy.



26 lb lamb on a motorized spit, baby; my neighbors know what’s up.



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