The remnants of our two-hour Riesling master class with Paul Grieco and Stuart Pigott today for the full staff of Hearth & Terroir. 25 Rieslings. Awesome.

The 7th (and final) Summer of Riesling is coming…


After 16 weeks of studying the ins and outs of all things beer, the Cicerone test is now only 11 hours away…



Just figured out the opening beer list for Terroir High Line. It’s on, people!



Over the course of two months, I met with beer tasters much smarter than myself and we embarked on a sour-filled journey of more than 50 sour beers from around the world.  These were the results of our findings.

Serious Eats: Drinks
March 18th, 2014
The 20 Best New Sours Beers in the World

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So stoked to get Andy’s tale out to the world.  He’s a true renegade in the burgeoning US cider scene.  The guy wild forages for apples in the Hudson Valley that have never seen pesticides nor modern tools.  Now that’s just bad ass.  Big thanks to Gabrielle Langholtz for helping get this story told.

Plus, big shout out to my wife (Kat Bryant Photography) for her beautiful photos.

Edible Manhattan: The Drinks Issue
Jan/Feb 2014
“Aaron Burr Cidery: Tree of Knowledge”
Andy Brennan moved upstate in search of an orchard he’d loved and lost. 
Now he’s resurrecting America’s oldest drink.

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Edible Manhattan---Aaron Burr_Page_01

Edible Manhattan---Aaron Burr_Page_03(1)


Prepping for a little crash course in spirits for the Hearth and Terroir staff tomorrow. 20 mins to teach EVERYTHING.



Some serious frickin Piedmont geekery going on yesterday at Hearth & Terroir.



A sad ending for what must have been a beautiful pub experience.


This was my first time writing for Edible Brooklyn. I was stoked to write two articles: one on Brad Estabrooke of Breuckelen Distilling, as well as one on John and Anthony Belliveau-Flores of Rowan Imports. I’ve been a huge fan of theirs for a few years now and it was a thrill to get to know them better. Huge thanks to Gabrielle Langholtz for her guidance and editorial wizardry on these.

Was also excited to hear the Rowan Imports piece was one of the “13 Most Read Stories of 2013″ for Edible Brooklyn.

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Edible Brooklyn Cover

EB--Rowan pg 1

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Saturday night Christmas party at home with the Misses. Carols, Jasper Hill Harbison, and Mikkeler Orange Yuzu Porter. Pretty blissful.


Look, Ma, NY Times! Huge thanks to Eric Asimov for including me.

NY Times cider_Page_1

NY Times cider_Page_2


Wild cider apples at Aaron Burr cidery today in the Hudson Valley on assignment for Edible Manhattan.



Cider Week logo

And poof!  Just like that, Cider Week 2013 has come to a close.  While not really a “week,” per se, but instead ten days, Cider Week has descended on New York City for the past three years.  And with each successive year, it gets bigger and richer, with more than 200 bars and restaurants participating this year.  The apple rules the end of October on the streets of Gotham, and one can’t stumble more than a city block without bumping into a cider dinner, a flight of farmstead offerings, or a producer that’s been airlifted from her orchard a world away, and deposited in the heart of the urban jungle.

It was a damn busy one for me this year, and as the dust is still settling, I’m more in awe of what these producers sacrifice to pursue this, America’s greatest beverage, than ever before.  It was a great exchange of information, a great rallying cry for the farmstead cause, and a great celebration of their hard work.  I am thankful to have been involved in a slew of projects, and to have deepened my burgeoning knowledge and passion for the fermented juice of apples.

A quick round-up of my happenings this year revolving around the fine world of farmstead cider:


Hearth & Terroir Cider Week 2013 List (click to enlarge)

Ciders 10.17.13--CIDER WEEK


Just checked into our hotel room in Boston for a friend’s wedding. Waiting for us was a bottle of wine he bought at our wedding five years ago. Wow.



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