Foamy delights on the pier

The line was thirty deep and two people wide. A throng of revelers and beer fans who had come from every nook and corner of the city were there to taste the latest offerings from the mainly East Coast represented brewers.  And what a perfect day for it.

A nip in the air, so a coat was required.  But the crowd was totally hopped up on fresh undertakings in the small kegs that filled the south end of Chelsea Brewing company at Chelsea piers.  What a location…nestled on the edge of the dock in plain sight of the million dollar, gas-guzzling, euro-crew ridden yachts tied up nearby.

Chelsea Brewing has a strange niche.  It’s survived on the extreme west edge of Manhattan and now finds itself embraced by the microbrew loving fans who flock devotedly to the latest offerings from the master brewing team.

Cask ale, sometimes called “real ale” by the die-hard british caskhounds, is an unpasteurized, unfiltered brew that sees its final conditioning in the same barrel in which it is served.  And served without pressurization.  This it folks, as ‘real’ as it gets.  Beautiful.  The complexity is stunning and the venue was abuzz with rabid fans swirling about the room, as the “86” list began to gain more and more names of cashed offerings with each passing minute.

Kudos to Alex Hall, the Gotham Imbiber, and organizer of the event.  May it become a mainstay on the circuit.


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