Calling all East Coast brew geeks!  It’s coming.  A day of sun-soaked, beer-drizzled, hop-tinged, fun-loving craft beer worship is coming soon.  And the only way to get there?  By boat.

That’s right, kids, on Saturday, June 19th, Governor’s Island is going to be overran by beer hounds.  And I don’t mean the Pabst-swilling, Coors Light-guzzling kind.  Nope, I mean the kind that pair their SPF ratings with their IBU rankings.  The kind that relish in flavor and artisan care.  The kind that you want to hang with!  And, really, where else would you put us all on a Saturday afternoon then on our own frickin island?

I will be there leading my fellow cohorts on the Brewfest Water Taxi in stunning renditions of Kumbaya and 99 Bottles of Beer as we approach Craft Beer Island.  If my singing alone isn’t enough to entice you, maybe this will:

  • More than 300 craft beers
  • 100 NY State, East Coast, National and International breweries
  • Live music from NY State Bands
  • Transportation:  Brewfest water taxis leaving from Manhattan, Brooklyn and New Jersey, as well as the Governor’s Island Ferry
  • Elephant races and brewmaster tossing (okay, no elephants, but I may toss a brewmaster in the East River)
  • Tickets: $55 (including transportation) or $75 for the Connoisseurs Session (early admission and access to specialty suds)

Visit for more information and to purchase tickets (as well as to demand elephant racing)

Fire up the water taxis.  You’re gonna need all hands on deck for this one.  And if you hear me singing slightly off-key, I may just need a little liquid re-tuning.  Feel free to bring me over a glass of hop-filled love and let’s harmonize over an old Irish sea shanty.

A View from aboard the NY Brewfest Water Taxi


9 Responses to “NY Brewfest 2010: Get on the Boat”

  1. LOVE it!!! When I read your twitter post I thought, “elephant races??? how could I miss that on the event website!!!” lol Great preview – can’t wait for it to be June 19th already! :)

  2. Nothing makes an event better than adding a pack of elephants, I always say. And it’s not too late to rally the organizers to include them! Thanks for writing in, Hops Honey, and looking forward to seeing you there! Should be a spectacular Saturday…

  3. David (pampdog) Palmer says:

    Wish I could be there. Tip one (or thirty-seven) for me.

  4. David, yep, it will definitely be more like 37. I highly encourage a road trip to make this one…we’ll make it worth your while

  5. Sandy says:

    I always appreciate a different approach on things, thanks for sharing.

  6. terroirNY says:

    Asphalt Aspen! RT @grapesandgrains: This Saturday. Its on. Endless pints and endless sun at #nybrewfest.

  7. anany says:

    just an fyi, 2010 was not fun. the ferries to and from were extremely unmanaged and ruined a good day. the handlers or bouncers or what ever you call them were horrible and clearly had no idea what they were doing they were aggressive and i saw one actually physically attack a woman to stop 1 person from advancing to the ferry. horrible experience

  8. Whoa, sorry to hear that was your experience; that sucks! Yeah, it definitely seemed like they sold more tickets than the size of the venue would comfortably allow. Luckily, we got there for the early session when lines were short and you can check off tons of beers from the list. But by 6 pm, the lines were at least fifty deep and people were waiting 15-20 minutes to get a 3-oz pour.

    We had a blast but ended up leaving around 6 pm because it was just too crowded….

    Got to give them props for a successful event but next time they need to rethink the number of tickets up for grabs.

  9. Mike D says:

    This was by far the worst beerfest I have ever been to. It took forever to get to the island, it took forever to get to the entrance, it took forever to get in to the actual festival, and the lines were ridculously long. Way too many people on the island, not enough beers, poorly managed, just a horrible experience. We left after being there for about only an hour, just not fun at all. I paid sixty bucks for this? WHAT A SCAM.

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