The Grand Poobah always brings tasty treats for his subjects. (From left to right: Fred Navarette, Carolyn Edgecomb, Craige Moore, Jonathan Moxey, Lauren Moxey)

You better hydrate.  You best have a gang of food in your belly.  Your mind must be focused and your palate on-point.  Cause you’re going to get slaughtered…with a smile on your face.

Hold on to your hats, craft beer geeks, because the hurricane-force winds have finally died down, and BrewYork #7 has gone down in the record books.  For those of you who are avid readers of Grapes & Grains (have I told you lately that I love you?), you may have seen the final bottle list from BrewYork #5; or even watched the frighteningly beautiful video footage of BrewYork #4.

But for all the new visitors, all you really need to know is that once a month, at a once-undisclosed location (but now at the cozy confines of New Jersey Brewing Company–thanks, Matt for the upgrade), we get it on.  It’s a right pissing contest of who can bring the rarer bottle, the tastier homebrew, the better brisket.  And the winner in all this?  Everyone.

This weekend was no exception.  Holy shit, the bottle list was insane.  Akin to looking into the sun during an eclipse.  Careful.   Look too hard and you’ll be blinded by the vortex of craft beer power.

Here’s a look–I advise numerous breaks to rest your eyes, take some breaths, say a few Rosarys and recenter:
(some of my favorites are in bold)

  • Boulevard Brewing, Bourbon Barrel Quad
  • Dogfish Head/Sierra Nevada, Life & Limb
  • Surly, Smoke
  • Flat Earth, Element 115
  • Bell’s, 25th Anniversary Ale
  • Summit, Imperial Pumpkin Porter
  • New England Brewing Co., Imperial Stout Trooper 2010
  • Cisco, Lady of the Woods
  • Hopworks Urban Brewery, Rise Up Red
  • Just Beer, Case of the IPA
  • Homebrew: Pumpkin Ale
  • Homebrew: Black Pepper Brown Ale
  • Homebrew: IPA
  • Berkshire Brewing Co., Lost Sailor IPA
  • Rock Art Brewery, The Vermonster 100 IBU Ale
  • Innis & Gunn, Lightly Oaked Blonde Ale
  • Homebrew: Chocolate Milk Stout
  • North Coast, Old Stock Cellar Reserve
  • Weyerbacher, Riserva 2010
  • New England Brewing Co., Ghandi Bot
  • Cantillon, Lou Pepe Framboise 2007
  • Boulder Brewing, Killer Penguin 2009
  • Bell’s, Hopslam
  • The Bruery, Old Richland
  • Telegraph Brewing Co., White Ale
  • Dogfish Head, Pangaea
  • Fantome, Pissenlit
  • Cigar City, Warmer Winter Winter Warmer 2009
  • Cigar City, Improvisacion
  • Brewdog/Mikkeller, I Hardcore You
  • The Bruery, Saison Rue
  • Dogfish Head/Stone/Victory, Saison du BUFF

    This ain't even the half of it...

  • Flying Dog, Oak Aged Brett Gonzo
  • Sam Adams, Triple Bock 1997
  • Unibroue, Quelque Chose
  • Sierra Nevada, Celebration 2001
  • Brewdog/Stone, Bashah
  • Bolero Snort, Wee Heifer’s Fruitcake
  • Widmer Brothers, Barrel Aged Brrrbon
  • Dogfish Head, Wrath of Pecant
  • Founders, Nemesis
  • Founders, Curmudgeon Ale
  • Founders, KBS
  • Sam Adams, Longshot Winners
  • Terrapin, Wake & Bake
  • Palmetto, Bocat
  • Palmetto, Espresso Porter
  • Moor, Peat Porter
  • Moor, JJJ IPA
  • Muskoka, Double Chocolate Cranberry Stout
  • Lost Abbey, Judgment Day
  • Avery, The Czar Russian Imperial Stout
  • Odell Brewing Co, Woodcut No.4 Oak Aged Lager
  • Cantillon, Kriek 100% Lambic
  • Capt. Lawrence, Golden Delicious
  • Goose Island, Vanilla Bourbon County Stout
  • Surly, Coffee Bender
  • Bellwether, King Baldwin Hard Cider
  • Ithaca, Excelsior! Series Alphalpha
  • Jolly Pumpkin, Noel De Calabaza
  • Southern Tier, Series 3 Cuvée
  • Dieu du Ciel!, Péché Mortel Imperial Coffee Stout
  • Capt. Lawrence, Flaming Fury
  • Brasserie à Vapeur, Vapeur de Bises
  • Blue Point, Toxic Sludge
  • Ommegang, Zuur
  • Ten Dudes, Smoked Barleywine
  • Ten Dudes, Cupcake Porter
  • Ten Dudes, White Peach Sour Ale
  • ...and this? Mere child's play.

    Embrace the craft!


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  2. BrewYork #7: Inside the Craft Beer Vortex: You better hydrate.  You best have a gang of food in your belly.  You…

  3. BoozeMonkey says:

    BrewYork #7: Inside the Craft Beer Vortex: You better hydrate.  You best have a gang of food in your belly… #wine

  4. Vanessa says:

    Makes me ver, very jealous not to live in NY/NJ!!
    ….well at least until I see you’re all wearing hats and coats inside! 😉 Looks like it was a blast.

  5. Ha, absolutely Vanessa. Without the fueling of high abv beers, we would have needed to whip out our yak fur-lined underwear. Luckily with the amount of booze in our systems by the end of the night, many were wearing short and flip-flops.

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    Also interview with Matthew Brynildson (Firestone Walker) about american craft beer:

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